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Dr Kaiyo Nedd, MD

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  • Lower your blood sugar and blood pressure and reduce your risk of a heart attack, stroke, or cancer

  • Remove stress from your work and relationships

  • Develop the habits that are linked to longevity

  • Create a happy abundant life, full of love and inner peace

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In the Academy For Total Success you will learn new ways to overcome stress, to conquer fear, self-doubt, anxiety and procrastination

You will develop unshakeable self-confidence and unflinching courage to get the new life you really want


Dr Ken Nedd will show you how to use your brain in new ways to discover the pristine, authentic, power that lies deep within you.

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Many individuals squander their health, destroy their love relationships, and postpone happiness to get the financial success they desire. It doesn't have to be that way.

No amount of success in your finances can make up for failure in your health or your home.

This academy offers you a landmark opportunity to achieve excellence in health, relationships and finances all at the same time.

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Do you often feel that for all the effort you exert, and all the sacrifice you make, you should be getting better results?

Are you at a point where you just don't know what to do?

Are you tired of feeling drained and stressed?

You would like to live a long and happy life but you feel you are slipping into the high risk zone with all the uncertainty and stress.

Both your health and your performance are derailed.

You are wondering which way to go and you can't afford to make the wrong decision.

Would you like to get some help to push diseases farther away so you can work with a feeling of courage, confidence and mental clarity?

I have been a medical doctor in the field of Stress for over 30 years and I know how you feel.

The great news is that no matter how bad your past has been, I can help you design a bright future in the Nedd Success Academy.

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You have a clean slate, a fresh opportunity to begin today to create the life you’ve always wanted.

You will get new tools to:

Master anxiety, stress and overwhelm.

Build self-confidence so you can achieve any goal you set for yourself.

Get control of the autonomic nervous system that makes the body work. You will use techniques so the 50 trillions cells in your body will function more harmoniously and effectively.

Achieve excellence in your work and finances without sacrificing your health and relationships.

Automate these amazing techniques so they become second nature to you.

You have a clean slate, a fresh opportunity to create the life you’ve always wanted and become the person you’ve always dreamed of being.

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How I spent 35 Years of my life

My Name is Dr. Kenford Nedd, a Vancouver-based medical doctor in the field of stress and stress-related disorders. As an internationally-known speaker born in Barbuda, I have received standing ovations from a conference of mayors of the United States, AT&T, AAA, and audiences throughout Canada, the U.S. and other parts of the world.

My book, Power Over Stress, has been used to train medical professionals in New York University, and I have helped many leaders, including prime ministers, mayors and other government officials deal with stress and change.

Here is what I need to share with you:

The greatest gift you can give yourself is a long, healthy and happy life.

Many people think success is lots of money, but money is useless unless you know how to turn it into joy.

So, get lots of money if you want, but let me teach you how to upgrade your health and enrich your relationships and reduce your stress while doing so.

I believe you can make it to the top without sacrificing your health, your relationships or your happiness.

Each one of us is programmed to do great work in the world, and all you need is the decision, direction, determination and discipline to step up to the line and claim your greatness.

Dr. Nedd Academy for Total Success will give you the tools you need to create a new life starting today.


When you join Dr. Nedd's Academy For Total Success, you will have a team of

world-class specialists who will support you as you work to achieve excellence

in your health, relationships, career and personal happiness.

Isn't it time to commit to total success in your life?

Make a life changing decision now and snap up one of the limited spots in Dr. Nedd Academy for Total Success, that has helped thousands of people just like you make the improvements they’d never been able to make…

How Does the Program Work?

I’ve designed Dr. Nedd Academy for Total Success to be easy, fun and very, very practical and helpful. No fluff. Zero boredom.

You will be trained with the best ideas and techniques from world class specialists from the top University Research Centres around the world.

With all these benefits you'll get insights and tactics to shatter even your best performance so far and make this the year you experience your greatest success.

Program for



Every week for 12 weeks, you receive inspirational and action-oriented training from me and I will teach you techniques to sustain your momentum and make your new skills automatic. Aim? Become the healthiest and best version of YOURSELF.


Every day for 60 days, you will receive daily inspiration and the latest practical scientific training to achieve and sustain excellence in health, relationships, and career while reducing your stress and increasing your happiness in everyday life.


As soon as you join Dr. Nedd Academy for Total Success, you will get access to best-selling programs and ideas that have help thousands of people succeed. You can start watching the video sessions or listening to audio training programs right away, and practice the success techniques as many times as you desire.


What about those urgent and important personal questions about your health, your relationships, or your situations at work or in your career? At any time during the program you will be invited to submit your questions to Dr Nedd anonymously and he will personally create special content within the program to make sure your questions get addressed!


Here are examples of some program

that will be included:

  • 7 Days to a Stress-Free Life

  • The Happiness Generator (to cultivate the habits of happiness in everyday life)

  • The Gift Of Instant Relaxation

  • Create Superior Relationships

  • How To Heal A Broken Heart

  • The Anatomy of Success

  • Stress And Performance

  • And much more.

The aim of the Academy is to take you by the hand and guide you to a better, healthier, happier, richer version of yourself.

You will enjoy the benefits of learning the attitudes and habits of highly successful people from world class experts who know the science behind the training you are receiving.

You will be given the tools you need to finally take control of your physiology and raise your emotional competence to effectively deal with any adversity.

You will have the chance of a lifetime to acquire and practice new skills to deal with difficult people and thorny situations without becoming stressed.

You will know how to develop a calm body and a calm mind in chaotic times and you will learn how to use the difficulties and hardships that come your way as cues to develop a refined and integrated body and mind.

When you join Dr.Nedd Academy for Total Success, you will be taken by the hand and guided to a better, healthier, happier version of yourself.

We believe that the purpose of your life is to enjoy it, and we will ensure that you get the tools you need to make everyday a happy day as you reach for your goal.

You will be given the best tools available on the planet to finally conquer:

  • Insomnia

  • Anxiety

  • Overwhelm

  • Procrastination

  • Fear

  • Self doubt

  • Anger and other negative emotions

We will teach you in such a way that the skills you acquire will become a part of your everyday life.

The real goal of Dr. Nedd Academy For Total Success is to help you live a happy, long and healthy life with great financial and business success.

No amount of success in your business can make up for an unhealthy and unhappy life.

As soon as you become a member, you will understand that there is only one goal here:


As happiness is linked to longevity, we help you acquire happiness skills and teach you how to use your brain in new and exciting ways to light up your life even when you are going through a dark tunnel.

So The Academy is all about ensuring as much as possible your Total Success.

Allow Dr. Nedd to guide you on your journey today.

Join Dr. Nedd Academy For Total Success and begin your Transformation Today

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Real World Examples to Inspire You

Charlie Barrett Hollywood

President at The Barrett Company and Owner, The Barrett Company,

"Dr. Ken Nedd is a true professional as a medical practioner as well as the author of several advice books of much value. His level of professionalism is very impressive as a communicator, a broadcast personality and a humanistic, caring person. I recommend him thoroughly."

Greg Mansfield

Education Department Manager at the Insurance Brokers Association of BC.

"I have known Dr. Nedd for well over a decade. His stress busting techniques are fabulous… easy to implement and highly effective. I have the honour of owning a signed copy of one of Dr. Nedd’s books – “Power Over Stress” – that he kindly gave me. I use its techniques in my own life. I think of him as a Great Healer, Teacher and Wise Man. I highly recommend him."

Marianne Loner

Director, Board of Directors for various regulated financial institutions worldwide.

"Dr. Ken Nedd focuses on health, happiness and how to channel stress into positive experiences. With the volatility and uncertainties in today's market, people - investors, managers, employees, clients - are all grappling with a higher level of stress than previously. Dr. Nedd's approach gives us tools to exercise some more control over these potential difficult situations and how to infuse our lives and workplaces with greater satisfaction --- and forward momentum.." All Rights Reserved

The Caribbean Academy for Total Success