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If Stress or Anxiety is keeping you Awake at night and stoping you from living the life you deserve
The 6-Week Online Academy for Mastering Stress is specifically for you.

Dear Friend, 
Why not take a little time to learn the best scientific techniques to reverse the dangerous effects of stress on your heart and your immune system?

In the 6 weeks online academy you will learn what to do to stop stress from:

* Silently eroding your physiology and bringing inflammation into your body, 
* Pushing you closer and closer to disease, 
* Decreasing your memory and brain power
* Interfering with your relationships 
* Decreasing your sleep and 
* Blocking your best performance and diminishing your impact on the world.

I can help you acquire some new scientific skills that will quickly become second nature to you, so you can apply them anytime to eliminate stress, master emotions and boost your energy.

 This is what I teach in my 6-week Academy for Mastering Stress and Anxiety.
How Are You Right Now?
Maybe you feel worried and tense because you have too many things to do and so little time

Maybe you feel torn between work and home

Maybe you feel guilty because you think you should be spending more time with your kids

Maybe stress from your work is coming between you and your spouse

Maybe you are aware that stress is preventing you from doing your best work

And here you are not knowing what to do to rid yourself of these feelings and emotions that are standing between you and the happy life you really want.

The good news is The 6-week Online Academy for Mastering Stress can solve the problem for you.

I have taught my system to Mayors of the United States and other countries, Prime Ministers, Judges and Lawyers and CEOs, and I would love to show you how to remove the damaging effects of stress and anxiety from your life once and for all.
Neurophysiological Transformation 
Few executives would be able to take time out of their busy day for meditation. Well, the techniques you learn in The Online Academy require that you take little or no time out of your days as they are mostly instant physiological techniques. 

Some individuals may be tempted to rely on Benzodiazepine, but I am sure you do not want to risk becoming addicted to them or have your cognitive function affected by these drugs. 

The 6-week Online Academy for Mastering Stress and Anxiety offers you the opportunity of a lifetime. You will discover techniques that can help you relieve symptoms of stress and anxiety and accelerate your business progress at the same time.

I will personally train you with help from other world-class specialists so you can dispel overwhelm, eliminate panic, stop worry, master stress and anxiety, prevent burnout, and beat insomnia.

You will receive special training from me every day which will help you to develop a calm body and a calm mind and, by your very presence, create a low-stress and high-performance environment.

You will practice under my guidance for 6 weeks, the latest and best scientific techniques to create a physiology that is resistant to stress, and these skills will become a silent part of your everyday life.

I will train you to eliminate worry and to fall asleep quickly, sleep soundly and wake up feeling refreshed every morning.

You will also learn how to cultivate the habit of happiness every day of your life.

I am Dr. Ken Nedd and I have devoted over 33 years of my life as a medical doctor helping people all over the world to master anxiety and stress.

I have helped Prime Ministers, Mayors of the United States, lawyers, judges, CEOS and people just like you, beat the rigors of anxiety and stress.

I have seen how stress and anxiety can destroy health, happiness, relationships, career and finances.

That is why I have created The 6 Week Online Academy where I can thoroughly train you with the best techniques on the planet, in the privacy of your own home or office.

In my 6-week online academy, you will be exposed to CBT, Autogenic Training, Instant Relaxation, Stress Inoculation techniques, Worry Ablation, Biofeedback and much more.

Don’t let Stress or Anxiety stand in your way any longer.
Here's how these benefits will be delivered in The 6-week Online Academy for Stress.
 A special short video training for a minute or so every day for 6 weeks .
A weekly online training with Dr. Ken Nedd for 6 weeks .
Opportunities to interact live with world-class specialists and ask questions during some of the online conferences.
 Membership in The Academy's Exclusive FaceBook Group where you can interact with fellow members of the Academy and experts from around the world.
An accountability system for constant motivation to ensure compliance. This system will help you stay on track and achieve the goals you set for yourself.
The key to a library of self-development programs used by my high-paying private clients, Prime Ministers, mayors of cities, and other senior executives.
A special Targeted Yoga System designed by a medical doctor with 6 quick interventions for Instant Relaxation and the enhancement of energy.
A copy of my best-selling book Power Over Stress, used as a textbook in NY University with 35 quick prescriptions for stress . 
A program for the treatment of insomnia to assure restful sleep every night even in crisis situations . 
Neurophysiological training to achieve and sustain excellence in health, relationships, career and personal effectiveness.
Special VIP Access to The Caribbean Happiness Retreat in Beautiful St. Lucia . 
More.. ..
Here’s how to get started.
The cost for this Exclusive Comprehensive Training in The 6-week Online Academy for mastering stress in the privacy of your own home or office, is reasonable.
Clearly it’s not for everyone. 

I don’t want you to pay me a dime until you and I are both 100% certain this is the best thing for you to do right now.

And there’s no way either one of us can really know that unless we talk and get to know each other.
So if you’re interested, let’s set up a time to talk.

I’ll answer any questions you have, and I’ll ask you a few myself.

And if we both decide we’re a good fit, then we can move forward.

And if we don’t, that’s fine. If you’re happy, I’m happy. It really is that simple.

If you are ready to learn to master stress and emotions and live the life you really deserve,

Don't keep on searching any longer and don't keep on doing more of what you have been doing.

You can become an exclusive member of Dr. Nedd's Online Academy for Anxiety and Stress and learn to master stress in the privacy of your own home or office.

So with that said, fill out your info below and we’ll schedule a time to talk ASAP.

Take action NOW before spaces fill up. 
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What People Say...
“It's fun! “
“I like that he is a Medical Doctor.”
“Dr. Nedd changed my Life”
“Life-changing! I can’t recommend him highly enough”
"He has changed my life. He is an inspiration and world changer. His workshop was exactly what I needed to make a change in my life." Erin See
"Dr. Nedd is very positive and cheerful, with a great sense of humour." Opal Blair
"I liked the medical based evidence of stress! And practicing the exercises and repeating what we have learned so we don't forget." Nathan Jones
"The entire presentation was helpful and interesting. I will be using Dr. Nedd's methods and reading all his books" Katrina Gormely
What Companies Say...
" Dr Nedd is a class act."
" Best motivational talk I have ever heard especially for energy, emotion and content."
" Dr Nedd's ability to deliver an inspiring and useful message brought him a standing ovation from the entire audience. I highly recommend him"
"An incredible ability to keep all attendees completely enthralled."
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